Lou Dobbs is not a journalist

He’s a hack. Today’s NYT deconstructs Dobbs’ unique style of “journalism” in today’s blockbuster piece. Concludes NYT reporter David Leonhardt, “Mr. Dobbs has a somewhat flexible relationship with reality.” He’s not a journalist, but he is dangerous.

Sethism of the week

The sooner we view the web as a process, not a place, the quicker we will understand it. It’s two flows. The flow of information and the flow of attention. From a really cool post. It’s hard to describe Web 3.0, but little by little we’re starting to get glimpses.

virtue (and philanthropy) are their own reward

Per today’s WaPo. If this is true, why is the world so f**ked up? …when the volunteers placed the interests of others before their own, the generosity activated a primitive part of the brain that usually lights up in response to food or sex. Altruism, the experiment suggested, was not a superior moral faculty that… Read more

memorial day 2007

If you are not angry, you are not paying attention. If there is a hell, most of this Administration is on the list.

rachel carson at 100

Nice WaPo profile of one of the giants of the modern environmental movement. Here’s one thing I didnt know. She was a huge inspiration! Because of Silent Spring, I tended to see her as a godmother of the “Cassandra” school of environmental organizing, you know, the “sky is falling” approach that we all know so… Read more

can you be you?

Back to the issue of brand authenticity. Three of the big takeaways from the Ad Age cover story from a week or two ago are: That any attempt to portray your organization in a way that is fundamentally at odds with how you are will backfire. That while it is incredibly important to know what… Read more

[Alia] Must see video – “The Break-Up”

They may be labeled Advertiser and Consumer, but these characters could just as easily be labeled Fundraiser and Donor. Check out this vid from Microsoft Trade Marketing Manager Geert Desager – begging you to question your current relationships with your audiences.

marketing: it’s the conversation, stupid

This is a nice overview of the fundamental new reality of marketing — that it is a conversation rather than a monologue. You do have to deal with the appalling — and ironic — interruption marketing oriented architecture and design of the imedia site, but its worth it. Obviously they don’t read the content they… Read more