Don’t Be A Premature Solicitator

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it… December fundraising planning has begun. And while this Virgo is all in favor for early and exhaustive planning (particularly for year-end when most organizations raise 50-60% of their online revenue), I’m concerned about a trend I’m seeing amongst my clients — premature solicitations. In the past… Read more

Bridging The Advocacy Gap: Audubon’s Mississippi Flyway Action Network

Online actions have become synonymous with advocacy. But do they work to win policy debates? Despite a tremendous increase of communications to Congress in the last decade – led by Internet channels — a recent study by Shayna Englin and Stefan Hankin explores what they call the Advocacy Gap, a disconnect between how activists are… Read more

The path to BIG…is small.

The human body has more than 200 bones but just one spine. In the same way, a compelling narrative – or campaign – can have many moving parts, but must have a single spine to unite the parts into a whole. The key to engagement is engaging emotions. The key to that is specificity. It’s… Read more