People are animals: Three examples

(1) My sister called me last week fuming. She is campaigning in favor of a school referendum in her town of Mount Prospect, Illinois and she was frustrated by the fact that many of her confirmed “yes” voters hadn’t taken advantage of early voting. “What are they waiting for? There’s a chance of snow on… Read more

This leadership barrier is easy to fix

Clearly outline your team’s goals. That’s it. Hone in on three priorities. Agree upon them. Put them on your whiteboard. Start your meetings with them. End your meetings with them. Share them with others in your organization. Keep revisiting them. Goals are the peak you are climbing towards. Lose sight of them and lose sight… Read more

Reboot: Is your data like a snowflake?

Is your fundraising data like a snowflake? No two reports are alike? Fundraising without accurate data is like taking a cross country road trip without a map or GPS. You might see some great sights, but your trip highlights will be accidental, not by design. No one wants to be an “accidental” fundraiser. If you… Read more

11 Trends in Philanthropy

I’m usually skeptical of “trend” watches, but this gold nugget is good. The Johnson Center just released 11 Trends in Philanthropy to watch. Some of my favorites? #9: A growing commitment to building non profit capacity. Mark and I believe strongly that organizations must invest in capacity-building particularly when it comes to fundraising in order to… Read more

Thumbs up for Inside Out Fundraising

Inside Out Fundraising: How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy by Treating Systems Instead of Symptoms is making waves. Roger Craver, fundraising expert and Agitator says, “Download and read before fundraising implodes.” He continues, “The authors, thanks to their own vast experience and insights from 300 nonprofit pros, hit the problematic nail on the head:… Read more

What is Inside Out Fundraising?

I like to say, “to make social change, you have to fund social change.” That’s why I’ve dedicated my career to raising money for causes I believe in. But despite the necessity of fundraising, for many people raising money comes with all kinds of emotional, behavioral and structural baggage. In the foreword to Sea Change’s… Read more

Scarcity and abundance

How often do you say to yourself, “I don’t have enough time.” Or maybe “We don’t have the budget.” Or maybe “That’s too challenging for this team.” This state of mind is one of scarcity. It’s very stressful and it often sabotages our efforts. Operating from a place of abundance requires a big mental shift.… Read more