getting smart with graphs and charts

As with most online tools, non-profits were a couple of years late to the infographics party. But what we lacked in early adoptness we have made up for in sheer exuberance. Infographics are a powerful communications medium, if used properly. Too often, they are created as design elements, and are just confusing. Check out this… Read more

This Movement’s On Fire: The Noble Arsonist

Why do some ideas or causes take off like wildfire while others stay perpetually on slow burn? The smart folks over at Capulet Communications have just released a “tell-all” e-book that breaks down their fiery movement marketing philosophy into a fun-to-read and easy-to-digest guide. Find out how to ignite your audiences with a healthy mix… Read more

flipping the funnel and letting go

You’re ready to let real word of mouth happen on your behalf, but you have this one nagging anxiety — what happens when a well-meaning self-appointed evangelist for your cause gets the message a little bit wrong? Here, dear readers, is one very thoughtful response.

hurry before rupert takes it down

Outstanding online discussion on Web 2.0 over on the free part of WSJ this week. Heres a taste: Is Web 2.0 a dream or a nightmare? Is it a remix of Disney’s “Cinderella” or of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”? Have we — as empowered conversationalists in the global citizen media community — woken up with the golden… Read more

facebook and fundraising

I have to confess as addicted as i have become to Facebook, I’ve been skpetical so far of its fundraising potential. This little app, however, is the best thing I have seen yet. It transforms that stupid little $1 gift thing into a very flexible and well-executed honor gift engine. it’s in the same league… Read more

Face(book) the Facts

VIP (very important post) over on the personal democracy blog about the state of using Facebook and its ilk in advocacy and fundraising. That Web 2.0 is not a magic bullet seems too obvious to say, and yet…

Going to the dogs

One day, I was walking in my neighborhood in San Francisco and I saw some dog excrement. Unfortunately, that’s not unusual. What got my attention was that atop this dog excrement was a little picture of President Bush mounted on a toothpick. I had stumbled upon someone’s brilliant art project. Over the course of the… Read more

The lunatics have taken over the asylum…

And it’s them, not you, in charge of your marketing. Yeah – social media and its socialites are not new news, but we are definitely just starting to scratch the surface of the power of the “citizen marketer.” Enter in a new book from Ben McConnel and Jackie Huba. Citizen Marketers. Want to make the… Read more