How We Do It

✓ We help you understand your donors and prospects more deeply through research (focus groups, online surveys, online focus groups and in-depth interviews).
✓ We use that analysis to create research-backed strategies that give your audience an amazing experience in service to maximizing revenue and meeting your goals.
✓ We develop communications plans designed to create high-engagement relationships with your donors and prospects.
✓ We identify powerful language and imagery that will resonate with your donors and prospects.
✓ We identify story ideas and other creative approaches that engage your donors and prospects. And we teach your staff to identify stories as well.
✓ We write world-class copy.
✓ We work with your executive leadership to ingrain an audience-first ethos into the culture of your organization.
✓ We help you be as effective as possible. We pull out all stops using creativity, “turn-on-a-dime” reaction times, gentle and tough love, mentoring, and everything else in our toolkit to help you get the results you need.
✓ We work with your executive leadership to ingrain an audience-first ethos into the culture of your organization.
✓ We embed ourselves into your team. You will think of Sea Change as extended staff.
✓ We mentor your staff to unleash their brilliance and creativity. And we learn from them as well.

What makes us unique

We are strategic marketers.
We help you identify the big picture, brand-perfect initiatives that will maximize your results.
We are also practical.
We are knowledgeable about theory and strategy, but can translate both into practical and actionable ideas.
We are small by design.
You will work directly with Sea Change principals Mark and Alia. But we also have a bevy of like-minded partners who build out our bench.
We have battle scars.
Our recommendations are rooted in over two decades of in the trenches research and fundraising campaigns with over 100 different clients.
We don’t chase fads.
We believe core principles like solid storytelling, authenticity, brand clarity and passion will transcend any new technology tool.
We do better together.
Mark and Alia are partners who differ in age, gender and skill-sets. We blend our points of view to give our clients the best of our combined thinking.
We bring passion and joy to our work.
Clients who work with us laugh a lot.
We aren’t the only experts in the room.
We work with our clients to discover what they know and bring their expertise to our projects.
We speak program and CEO
We can confidently speak on behalf of your program at all levels of your organization.
We influence the field.
Alia and Mark pioneer thought leadership that makes waves throughout the industry.
We don’t hard sell.
We won’t sell you services you don’t need.
We are effective. 
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