Geek’s Paradise

In the world of web metrics this site separates the hard-core from the vaguely interested.  It is aptly  called and includes write-ups of real world tests of things you always wonder about — long emails vs. short, landing page copy variations, etc. This 2006 wrap-up is a fabulous and rich compendium of stuff —… Read more

Devil in the White City

Sarah Haug turned me on to the above-named book, an historical account of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago (and the grisly story of a psychopath who used the fair as a cover for some pretty heinous murders). While the book is a ripping yarn in its own right, it’s also an incredible primer on… Read more

Don’t be Boring

I am going to quote Seth Godin a lot — he is one of my major inspirations. Here, Seth recommends a Swedish book called the Idea book, which is written by Sweden’s leading creativity guru. There’s a free 30-page download which looks provocative and worthwhile. I’m gonna order a copy and will post a review.

A RSS By Any Other Name

So a recent article by the Sherpa folks suggests that as many as 50 million RSS users do not know that they are using RSS. That’s because MyYahoo and MyMSN are in fact RSS readers, and people are adding content options not realizing that they have joined the Next Big Thing. “So what” you say?… Read more

“Safe is Risky”

That’s one of Seth Godin’s aphorisms in his really important little book, the Purple Cow. If you’re not standing out from the crowd, if you’re not REMARKABLE, you’re invisible, he argues. Pew Researchers now seem to agree — their latest report chronicles a new rising habit among Web users — surfing for FUN. Is your… Read more

One Small Step for (non-profit) Man (and woman)

M&R’s very cool new compilation of email benchmarks for (mostly progressive) non-profits calls to mind the old joke about the singing dog — the amazing thing is not how well or poorly the dog sings, but the fact that it sings at all. There are probably methodological quibbles one could level at this pioneering work,… Read more

Just One Question

The latest pet rock type craze sweeping corporate America is one worth noting — and adapting. It’s called the net-promoter score, and it was cooked up by the eggheads at Bain to measure customer loyalty. It’s just as easily applied to donors or other members of your community. It’s based on one devilishly simple question:… Read more

There is no best day to email

I’m on the warpath against junk metrics in integrated marketing. Let’s start with analyses that purport to identify a “best day” for email marketing. Not only is there no best day (at least not for everyone), the declaration of one will almost certainly be self-nullifying. Don’t take my word for it, read this.

Your Website Sucks

No really, if you’re a non-profit, it probably does. Especially for fundraising. Send me an email at and I’ll send you a url to download a presentation I did outlining the basics of web usability for fundraisers.