Alia & Mark

Bold leaders and fundraisers can’t go it alone. You need support to change the world. We’re here. 

How We Do It

We start by listening.
Every Sea Change service starts with deep listening to key stakeholders including you and your donors.

We synthesize what we hear.
We translate what we learn into clear, concise and actionable recommendations to reach your objectives.

We are part of your team.
You will work directly with principals Mark and Alia who commit ourselves fully to any project we agree to take on.

We are multidisciplinary.
We are well-tested fundraisers and leadership coaches, but also have additional skills including market research, policy and communications.

We are bespoke.
There is no one-size fits all client. We use creativity and listening to ensure we design our engagement and deliverables to make you and your team as effective as possible.

Sound helpful? Drop us a line to see if we’re a fit.

Alia and Mark, smiling and looking at a laptop

Meet our Team

  • headshot of Mark

    Donors are like sharks; too often misunderstood.

    Mark Rovner


    • Fundraising heretic
    • Compassion champion
    • Active listener
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  • Headshot of Alia

    How you are is more important than what you say.

    Alia McKee


    • Joyful creator
    • Best hype person ever
    • Wild idea actualizer
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  • Headshot of Sann

    I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t like.

    Sann Knipple


    • Logistics maestro
    • Truth teller
    • Conductor of "can-do"
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  • Headshot of Jessica

    Oh, I did that already.

    Jessica Hall


    • Stealth lynchpin
    • Patience purveyor
    • Caregiver
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