boom baby boom

Most of your online donors are baby boomers. A large percentage of your online activists are baby boomers. Learn the foibles and predilections of the 75 million boomers or perish. Now comes research that documents what we boomers already know — baby boomers are notorious experimenters. If you’re a boomer, you don’t wonder how we… Read more

electric slide

This is the week of the big NTEN jamboree when many of non-profitland’s webfolk gather in Seattle to bathe in the hot light of LCD projectors showing PowerPoint after PowerPoint. Let’s face it, the fine art of communicating via PowerPoint is, um, a work in progress. This recent Seth Godin post on presentation best practices… Read more

back to the future

Oh Gawd, it’s not my imagination — the late 90s are back. For those of you who missed the $2 million super bowl ads in lieu of marketing strategies; the business plans dashed out in powerpoint; the “often wrong, never in doubt” certitude of the VC-anointed; and all the swag — here we go again.… Read more

this is sooo cool

I have always thought the way that Washington Monthly’s sponsorship of Kevin Drum was a brilliant way to catapult the magazine into the Blogosphere. Comes now an even cooler way to “borrow” fabulous content for your site — a serialized novel. The only shame is that Slate seems to have mucked up a brilliantly simple… Read more

don’t marinate your prospects

There seem to be two warring schools among non-profit webfolk over the best time to convert new list members to donors. Viewpoint one holds that it is rude to immediately ask for money.  Better they should “marinate” on the list for a while, get to know the organization, become part of the community, and then,… Read more

the paradox of viral marketing

The paradox of viral marketing is that great content and great campaigns go viral on their own, and no marketer on earth can make crappy content fly. I’ve had several calls from prospective clients wanting to “use viral marketing” to breathe new life into tired marketing or fundraising programs. I’ve tried to be helpful but… Read more

Seth Godin at Google — VIDEO

While Seth himself blogs on his current tour of Mexico, Chris Baggot has scored a fabulous 48 minute video of a talk Seth gave at Google. The guy has cojones — no question about it.