Welcome, Interfaith Alliance

We are delighted to announce that Sea Change will be working with The Interfaith Alliance to perform a strategic Internet review and conduct usability tests on TIA’s existing web site. One of the really cool things they are doing right now is a regular Internet/Air America/XM radio show on faith and politics called “State of… Read more

Climate Cancer

That’s what Seth Godin suggests we rename global warming. Whatever it’s called, it’s bad, it’s here, and we better get our acts together. But how much do you really know?  Click to find out.

The Crisis of Content – 1

Direct mail is a cheesy form of communications. The product of decades of painstaking testing of everything from typeface to envelope color, direct mail is about almost everything but the message. DM gurus consider the words of a direct mail letter to be among the least important elements. Much more important are the list and… Read more

Jesus Sez, Double Down

It doesn’t really get much better than this. The top mullahs of the American Taliban (aka Christian right) caught up in the Abramoff scandal. The story is being broken by the clever boys and girls at Defcon, who are unleashing a national campaign today, complete with TV ads. And here’s the best part — the… Read more

Who Doesn’t Love Leo DiCaprio?

Actually truth be told, I have no opinion about him one way or another, but somehow, he became the namesake for an easy but misleading line of usability testing. Usability testing, just like everything else in fundraising and communications, requires passion to go right. Everyone in the usability world seems to have different, and sometimes… Read more

The H Word

The H word is “hypocrisy.” It’s also “human rights.” In this case they come together. I use Yahoo to host this blog and our site. Yet now I learn that Yahoo has an appalling track record dealing with human rights issues in China. Appalling as in ratting out folks who use Yahoo email and getting… Read more


Will someone please explain to me why the whole Goodmail thing, whereby non-Spammy emailers can pay to be escorted directly to their customers’ (or donors’) email in-boxes is a bad thing? I get way more Spam than real email in my Yahoo account, rendering it almost useless.  The rise of phishing has led donors to… Read more

These people are remarkable

My pals over at Donordigital have partnered with Fenton Communications to produce a cool new organization devoted to fighting the religious right — it’s called Campaign to Defend the Constitution, or DEFCON for short. What is remarkable about Defcon is that they get stuff done and they are fun! There is nothing inherently amusing about… Read more