an inconvenient truth

You must, must, must see the Al Gore movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” It opens in L.A. and NYC soon, and June 2nd nationwide. I got to sit in on an enviro sneak preview, followed by a Q and A with Gore hisself. While this blog is supposed to be about online marketing and strategy, I… Read more

search as brand aid

If you are among the stubborn few who resist the importance of aggressive search marketing and SEO, here’s one more bit of important data — searchers attribute special signficance to top-listed results.  If your group is at the top of the list when they search on “global warming,” that means you are the most important… Read more

coincidence? i think not.

Just as Sea Change Strategies welcomes as a new client an organization that fights illegal wildlife trade in Asia, the White House names Bo Derek their ambassador at large on the very same issue. Whether Bo knows diddley about trafficking or not, we are delighted to welcome WildAid to the Sea Change fold!

is it cool to be green?

Time was, “funny environmentalist” was up there with “military intelligence” as the iconic illustration of oxymoron. My own 9-year tour of duty at a major national environmental group was well short of a laugh riot I have to admit, which gave rise to all sorts of childish, naughty, but satisfying rebellious behaviors…but I digress. If… Read more

brand suicide

I strongly commend this short piece toyou for the following reasons: It’s a great cautionary tale about how short-term tactics can have long-term consequences. It’s a window into the fickle and demanding mind of baby-boomer consumers (and donors).  Lest you think I am judging — I could easily have written this. It’s my absolute favorite… Read more

the worst email marketing gaffe ever

If you say you’ve never screwed up an email blast, you are not in the business, or you are lying. It’s just too easy to mess up and it happens. BUT…the real test of a marketer’s mettle is deciding how to deal with the mistake. Owning up to a goof can actually be a bonding… Read more