at the tipping point

For seven years, we have done studies of online donors that show an almost lockstep correlation between online giving and online bill-paying.  Once people stop writing checks, it’s game over for dead tree fundraising. This week’s Harris Interactive survey shows check writing is the preferred form of bill paying by only a slim 37-35 margin,… Read more

tell me a story

Everyone talks about using the Internet to tell stories. No one in our corner of the world does it. Here are two moving and effective (and very different) stories to get the juices flowing (and no I don’t like Christy Todd Whitman but this is worth reading anyway): How Christy Todd Whitman got hooked on… Read more

looking for loyalty in all the wrong places

Every scientist knows this joke: A cop comes across a drunk, on his hands and knees, crawling around a pool of light being thrown by an overhead street lamp. “What are you doing?” asks the cop. “I lost my car keys over in those bushes,” says the drunk gesturing to a hedge a hundred feet… Read more

the face of success

Leave it to Sue Citro to come up with the random link that turns up pure gold. This Very British usability firm did a 5-day eye tracking marathon looking at some of the UK’s top e-commerce sites. its findings are easily generalizable to U.S. non-profit best practices. Here’s one useful nugget: Eye-tracking specialists have repeatedly… Read more

starbucks and the passion principle

A perfect complement to the passion marketing idea — this profile of Starbucks’ Howard Schultz from Business Week might as well be a fundraising primer.  Here’s the bottom line: Lesson 1: Dig deep to identify what you are truly passionate about (hint: it’s not always the product itself) and convey that message to employees, customers,… Read more

your web site sucks — here’s one reason why

It’s all head and no heart. My friend Susan Feit just shared this link to a guy whose thing is called “Passion Marketing.”  I’m still working my way through his stuff, but this jumped off the page: Business marketing often works upon immediate gratification, based on tangible products and services and the information that describes… Read more

lest we get too carried away, though

Some of my compadres see this user-generated this and that as the start of a new democratic revolution in politics and civic affairs.  I can’t go all the way there. My late, great, grandmother (who served as a ward healer for Eugene Debs in the 20s) used to say “a little bit of democracy goes… Read more