shhhh, the blogosphere is listening

Forget the NSA and the Bush snoops.  It’s the bloggers who are going to hold you accountable for your words and actions. This little cautionary tale is a veritable primer in how NOT to navigate the new world of “social media.”

et 2.0, brute?

The heart of the new Web 2.0 “thing” is the notion that users are creating the content and setting priorities for what gets displayed. There is evidence that this “customer gets to control the remote” phenomenon is occurring across many sectors at the same time. If you’re reading the latest thinking on customer relationship management,… Read more

a lighter shade of green

So along comes Ideal Bite, a new(ish) tip sheet designed for BoBos who don’t want to feel guilty driving their SUVs to Whole Foods to buy their organic mesclun.  Billed as a “sassier shade of green,” Ideal Bite, like Grist, is fun. Here’s how non-judgmental their brand of environmentalism is: one of their most recent… Read more