your email sucks

Here’s one reason why:  people using blackberries or the Outlook preview pane can’t grok your message. Go thee unto Sherpa to gain useful wisdom. 

thought for today

From Andy Goodman’s “Storytelling as Best Practice” — “We remain a sector devoted to data and enamored of empirical evidence…we often fail to realize that the battle for hearts and minds starts with the hearts.”

your logo is not your brand

Here’s to all the innocent non-profit execs who spent a bazillion dollars on graphics folks and self-styled brand consultants to produce a magically powerful logo that will cause the world to beat a path to your door: I am so so sorry. This is a particular obsession of mine, so forgive the shouting: YOUR BRAND… Read more

welcome families usa!

We are delighted to welcome Families USA and their Campaign for Children’s Health Care to the Sea Change fold! Please go immediately to their page and sign the petition. The current situation is a national disgrace.

don’t ignore paid search

Even if you have organic search rankings that kick butt (and if you do, who are you?), you still want to be buying keywords. Studies show that synergy happens when you have high organic and high paid rankings. You end up with more clicks overall than you would from the sum of either tactic in… Read more

nifty campaign

Sign this petition, brought to you by the good folks at Interfaith Alliance and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

bear with me on this

M+R made a valiant attempt to assess the value of an image as an aid in spurring email response rates. As with their magnum opus on metrics, M+R gets kudos for the pioneering effort. The tests, which appear properly conducted produced a dead heat results-wise. And, while the theorizing in this piece is only modestly… Read more

myspace rules

With growing detractors and many other social networking sites claiming to be the “next myspace,” it now seems that toppling the throne is gonna be quite a challenge: Myspace is now the number one site on the web. According to Media Post’s report on a Hitwise study: MYSPACE LAST WEEK BECAME THE most popular site… Read more

tv or not tv — a major caveat

Youtube is triggering a rush to post all things video up, “just to see what happens.” Here’s the answer: Nothing is going to happen if the video is not remarkable. Take a moment to read this Tom Hespos rant. While his focus is on Internet video advertising, his points are equally relevant in our realm… Read more