branding 101 – when the mighty fall

Time was, if you wanted to learn about branding and brand discipline, you could merely ask “What would Starbucks Do?” Folks, that time is past. Check this out: The story of Starbucks as a brand is a compelling one, and former brandmeister Scott Bedbury tells it well in his book, “A New Brand World.” Bedbury… Read more

people need people — even to read the news

OK this is interesting — News sites that do not have a human dimension — think Yahoo! or Google news — are not nearly as well-regarded as those that do — such as CNN and NYTimes. More evidence that the prognosticators who predicted the “disintermediation” of cause groups and other human enterprises were, as we… Read more

marketing sherpa: laugh your way to the top

Sherpa’s latest case study shows how got a huge jump in newsletter clickthroughs by introducing more humor, controversy and top 10 lists. One caveat — newsletter CTR should not be your main measure of success for your newsletter, unless you are seeking a specific response, such as to an action alert. A happy list… Read more

when disaster strikes — how long do you have?

Network for Good’s Katya Andresen has penned this very nifty analysis of disaster giving patterns following the last three monster disasters — the South Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the Pakistan earthquake. What she finds confirms many of our suspicions — that the window for disaster giving is very short, that connecting your fundraising to… Read more

$5 a name

$5 is the average cost per recruit for online advocacy, according to today’s Washington Post. Are you even tracking your organization’s cost per name?  For shame…

putting out the welcome mat

Much has been written on the whys and wherefores of doing a welcome series for new list members.  All studies show that the best time to convert a new list member to donor status is as soon as possible after the person first signs up.  The optimum, depending on which study you read, is between… Read more

another great summer read

Getting Stoned with Savages is a book I’d like to have written if i had 75% more courage and 50% more writing talent.  Author and wife, filled with wanderlust, bag out on drone jobs in DC and take up in Vanuatu. Reminiscent of Redmond O’Hanlon, with a touch of Christopher Moore.  The perfect beach book.