must see UC — for free

Google and Cal-Berkeley now offer free classes online, via video. The potential here is staggering, especially with orgs who have charismatic experts to showcase. I especially recommend the Robert Reich lecture. Here’s more background, but mainly, you should be doing this!

she sells he cells

That’s supposed to be a pun about mobile marketing. Give me a break, it’s a busy day! I confess to being late to the party on using cell phones as part of the non-profit marketing mix. There’s certainly reason for skepticism: it’s a long long way from being a fundraising medium, multiple carriers and the… Read more

donor-proof websites

So I just got back from a week-long trip, during which I had occassion to buy a new computer mouse, a USB drive, and a package of portable razors.  Three disparate items in three different stores — in each case things a traveler is not unlikely to buy. All three parcels came sealed in a… Read more

what would jesus emit?

Evangelical Christians continue to show gratifying interest in the global warming issue.  Now, green-leaning evangelicals have a film of their own, to help build momentum and support for action. Welcome to the fight!

how do you spell enron?

T-X-U That’s the name of the Texas utility whose rapacious CEO is living proof that bottomless greed is alive and well in the lone star state. Read Environmental Defense’s coverage of TXU’s carbon-belching plans — get angry. Get very angry.

how to manage angry people

In my experience, email lends itself to miscommunication more than any other communications channel. Your tongue in cheek remark can be perceived as a callous insult. Your clever little aside might be perceived as an inappropriate come-on. Seth offers some extremely useful tips for dealing with a pissed off customer (read, donor). I would add… Read more

the planet as blog tapestry

Sierra Club’s Compass reports on an incredible new feature on the Jane Goodall Institute site — a “geo-blog” that incorporates Google Earth technology. This is really amazing stuff. By the way, Compass is a wicked good news feed…