the upside of viral

Most “viral marketing” efforts are at best modestly successful. But the reason we soldier on is that every now and then, you see one go out of the ballpark. Megan Contakes offered up this recent Ad Age profile of a viral campaign that was positively virulent. Greetings from Monterey!

it never stops

In your business — non-profit marketing and fundraising — wisdom and experience only get you so far.  Things are evolving so fast you cant take it for granted that 2005 best practices are still best practices. And in the rush to keep up, the basics sometimes get lost.  One unversal unchanging truth is that marketing… Read more

should we all cancel our WaPo subscriptions?

I have never been a Washington Post fan — even when my mom was writing for them. But now they have generated this week’s WTF moment by endorsing Republican thug Bob Ehrlich for Governor of Maryland. Good Kos coverage.  I know this is not a typical Sea Change post — but WTF?

the web stat nightmare

Great Business Week piece on the sorry state of third party website traffic data. Here’s the money quote:  “The dirty little secret of Silicon Valley is that no one knows exactly who is going where on the Web.” Yet another reminder to be skeptical of any wisdom that purportedly emanates from your web logs.  What… Read more

the rush of giving

Props to Tom Belford for unearthing this Economist piece which confirms what we believed — the act of giving triggers a feel-good chemical cascade in your brain.  Endorphins! So fundraisers, this has practical implications. This is a warm, fuzy moment.  Give your donors a hug.  If you can’t do it literally, do it metaphorically.

crack for conspiracy theorists

This is so cool — a “follow the money” tool for figuring out who owns the TV, radio and other media outlets in  your area.  One of a number of awesome research tools over at the Center for Public Integrity. Oh, and by the way, welcome Center for Public Integrity to the Sea Change family!

quote of the day

From a rant by Tom Hespos: We rarely allow for multiple levels of engagement. Instead, we’d rather treat everyone like a hardcore brand loyalist who wants to know anything and everything about a product or a brand. As Rishad Tobaccowala has said, “I want my headache to go away. I don’t want a relationship with… Read more

must love sharks, continued

Lovely overview of the current white shark in residence at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in today’s Washington Post, as well as WaPo chat on white shark conservation. Take a look for yourself on the Aquarium’s webcams — he is truly adorable.  Being on hand at the Aquarium the evening he arrived was the high point… Read more