web 2.0 in da house

It wasn’t long ago that I was pissing and moaning about my perception that the web 2.0 train had left the station, and left the non-profit sector behind.  Well that was then. Check out this wonderful Amnesty video — they obviously “get it!” 

now that’s what I’m talking about

The 300 million Americans in “first life” are increasingly watching video online. This Dorito’s DIY video kit is aching for imitation! And for those who don’t need the extra tools, geek yourself right out and come up with global warming-themed lyrics for White Christmas as part Environmental Defense’s YouTube holiday challenge.

i’m not done with this one

Second Life is attracting real money and attention. For now, my main question is, who are these people who have so much time in their “first lives” to mess round with this? That said, John Hartman points to a creative project by IFAW — kind of a Second Life for animal folks.  p.s. From the… Read more

what inspires YOU?

As you may know, I am hanging out this week in California with my Buddhist homies, which never fails to clarify half my life and confuse the other half…but I digress. As we embark on that frantic ritual known as year-end fundraising, much attention will be rightly paid to tactical imperatives, like getting the donate… Read more

thank you for reading this

One of my bugaboos is the tendency in Internet communications for the basics to get lost among the techno-geekery.  The lowest hanging fruit you are probably ignoring is the power of heartfelt gratitude as part of your fundraising or list-building process. GIVING IS NOT THE EQUIVALENT OF BUYING A CD.  It’s incredibly easy to give… Read more

must read — philanthropy 2.0

I am not even almost smart enough to say where this melding of for-profit businesses with philanthropy is going, but this NYT story is a terrific primer on the evolving phenomenon. I’ll say this — the robber barons of the 1890s invented philanthropy 1.0 as lasting monuments to their status as masters of the universe… Read more

monday morning inspiration

The Wizard of Ads hits one out of the park this morning.  Year-end fundraising is coming.  Is your website even remotely ready? Spend 30 seconds on this.  You won’t regret it.