branding advice from an uber-guru

This MUST READ is a blog entry by Laura Ries, as in Ries and Ries (22 Immutable Laws of Branding, et al). A provocative take on non-profit branding from a leader in the field.  I think she’s left out some important elements, and not everything she says is strictly applicable to a  national advocacy group. … Read more

authenticity watch

Nice overview: Skeptical Americans who were burned by large institutions are making up their own minds and searching for a “new authenticity,” say top trend-spotters.

All my mom wants for Christmas is a cow…(Alia) My mom’s had it – with my gift giving. This year, she told me that I shouldn’t waste my money on another wind chime (she has enough), massage (she’s ticklish), or cooking class (she never went). So this year, I’m doing something more meaningful. In my mom’s name – I’m helping buy a cow… Read more

nick allen on texting

No one I know has thought longer or harder about using SMS (cell phone texting) as a fundraising tool than Donordigital’s Nick Allen. So I immediately sought his permission to publish this email he sent to a progressive list on the subject just yesterday. Bottom line — it’s not soup yet. While we’re (i.e. Donordigital)… Read more

authenticity vs. fauxthenticity

Authenticity = lovably dorky Environmental Defense staffers singing their own rendition of White Christmas. Fauxthenticity = LonelyGirl115 Authenticity = David Sedaris paying $10 to a random audience member (a 15-year old girl in a bunny costume no less) to introduce him at a reading. Fauxthenticity = Flogs or fake blogs, like this one that recently… Read more

Campaigns I wish I had worked on – Part 1 (Alia) Yes, it’s called part 1 because every day I find clever, creative and engaging campaigns that I wish I had worked on. There will be many more in this series that you can check out. I promise. I like this campaign so much because it takes a really hard to explain subject and breaks… Read more