flipping the funnel

Seth Godin recently attending a small gathering devoted to re-formulating a large advocacy group’s Internet strategy. And he blew every mind in the room. Since unfortunately you couldn’t be there, for god’s sake, read his free e-book which lays out his vision. If he’s half right, were all doing a lot of things wrong. Also,… Read more

shaken not stirred

I will be talking about creative online community building at Get Active’s Executive Briefing on Thursday, February 1. Email me if you’d like a copy of the presentation. Alia Alia.McKee@seachangestrategies.com

seth godin on powerpoints from hell

Seth reprises his guidance from a 2003 e-book he put out on how to do Powerpoints that have an impact.  While I confess I have never been able to meet his no more than 6 words on a slide rule, I have dramatically changed my Powerpoint strategy as a result of this guidance — and… Read more

just ask

Coincidence or welcome trend?  Emails came from PFAW, SoJo and moveon this week soliciting list members’ views on a variety of things.  Notably, Sojo is recruiting people willing to be surveyed regularly.  Major props. If there is a scenario where you can ask your list members to weigh in too much, I havent seen it.

A deeper web 2.0 experience…?

Interesting article and case study about the pros and cons of using web 2.0 tools to not only communicate with an inner circle online, but to create meaningful in-person encounters. -alia [Good lord — “couch surfing!”  You heard about it here first! –mr]