An important message about Henry

In Texas, there is an amazing organization dedicated to helping low- and moderate-income Texans. I’m on their email list. But I rarely get past subject lines like this one – Needs vs. State Budget Proposal for 2008-09. Today, I got this subject line [name has been changed] – An important message about Henry. It didn’t… Read more

the dumbest brand idea, ever

Non-profits are notorious disrespecters of their own brand, but you would think Kellogg’s of all people would know better than this bit of really bad brand extension. I swear when I saw an ad for this (on a bus shelter no less), I thought it was a joke…

more good benchmark data

Target Analysis (now part of Blackbaud) and Donordigital have teamed up to provide this nifty multi-organizational analysis of on and offline giving patterns. Bottom line: integration still isn’t happening among channels.  The higher lifetime value of online donors continues to be driven by a higher initial gift.  And, online donors are far more likely to… Read more

email makes me tired

Is there anything harder or more complicated than sending an email to more than three people at the same time?  We’re still trying to figure out how bitter is the Outlook 2007 pill.  Now comes a new Sherpa study that shows that a third of your audience is peeking at your emails in the preview… Read more

my new favorite blog

Why do I love this blog? Let’s start with the tagline: “A blog for people who want to make the world a better place AND have fun!” But it goes on to offer a marvelous overview of social change groups using web 2.0, along with the wonderful characterization of blogs as the “gateway drug to… Read more

damn you dennis mccarthy!

Epsilon’s Dennis McCarthy is one of the truly cool dudes in the fundraising biz.  He is smart, loaded with integrity, and never stops learning.  He kind of said it all yesterday on a call with a mutual client: “there are no short-cuts in this business.” While Dennis was speaking in another context, here’s an area… Read more

the 99% solution: jobs for a flipped funnel world

Let’s face it, most causes are in a rut online. The vast majority of e-communications fall into three increasingly shopworn categories: solicitations for funds, “action alerts” usually consisting of emails to your Congressman, and monthly newsletters. We can do better. One of the livelier conversations at the recent gathering of cause groups with Seth Godin… Read more

Aware of the blog

Anyone can blog – but getting traffic to your blog is another story… Seth Godin provides 56 (yes 56) ways to get traffic to your blog including my favorites: 1. Write about obscure stuff that appeals to an obsessed minority. 2. Write about blogging (How meta is that?) 3. Share linklove and expect some back.… Read more