Vista Volunteers for your organization

“I sure wish we had some extra resources to help us with digital media, community-building, and technology infrastructure.” Well, if you are interested in hosting a full-time VISTA volunteer to help you with projects like these, find out how here. The CTC VISTA Project places 50 volunteers a year with organizations that are using technology… Read more

Talk about the passion

Step It Up 2007 inspired me with its passion. These folks have combined compelling stories (check out the one about Robbie’s dog Timmy Bear in the blog), a clear, inspiring and symbolic call to action – organizing a global warming rally at iconic places in America like the levees in New Orleans on April 14-… Read more

your elevator pitch — as seen on tv

Branding is the elevator pitch when the elevator is only going one floor.  It’s the mantra.  The one or two words that define you. But when you have 30 seconds, what do you say?  This post from a branding guru likens the elevator  pitch to the  plot set-up narration of TV shows of today and… Read more