Alia: I wish I had cable

Have I been living in a cave? The second season of the Henry Rollins Show has just started on the Independent Film Channel. I found this out because as I was perusing YouTube I came across this video. Nicely done, Henry. The website is a content dream. Never hurts to check in and see what… Read more

merci danke thanks!

It’s not only how many times you say thank you donors, it’s how well. Today’s READ OR BE LEFT IN THE DUST article is by Tom Gaffny, who made $15 online donations to 66 different charities and then reports on their responses. The nine stand-out charities are doing amazing things. Check it out.

Beware – the blank page (Alia)

It sometimes makes me want to scream and flee in terror. No, not Grindhouse, the latest zombie flick. No, not Don Imus’ hair. I’m talking about the blank page. The gleaming whiteness – the emptiness that must be filled with killer copy in order to raise money and garner support for our causes. Of course,… Read more

here we go looky-loo…

Most participants in web 2.0 sites like Flickr and Youtube are just looking, rather than adding content, according to a new study. That’s good news though. As the game shifts from “mailing to millions” to “sifting for sneezers,” those few content generators may represent the vanguard of your super-volunteer cadre. Instead of worrying about lack… Read more

one-click unsubscribe

Sarah offers this little nugget — a recent study of email users shows that one in 5 admits to having used the “this is Spam” button on their email client as a way to unsubscribe. This sucks, because spam complaints are among the “behavior based” factors ISPs use to decide whether to block your emails.… Read more


Don Najd, who is scary smart, has produced the quote of the week: “The beauty of the web is it gives exact precise numbers that might not be anywhere near accurate.”

Alia: Sharing Knowledge Online

A great example of online networking with some real substance: Partners in Health is launching an HIV website that “allows visitors to share insights about the content and experiences in the field, to ask questions of each other, to answer others’ concerns, and to foster a community of care.”