getting real — the most important thing

Fast Company’s cover story this month is on brand authenticity, a topic our loyal readers know is near and dear to our hearts. The challenge is simply put but devastatingly hard to meet — how to be true to the soul of who you are as an organization, while conveying a sense of dynamism and… Read more

one is not enough

If you’re gonna ask, ask several times at a go. That is one conclusion of a useful M+R mini-study looking at common online fundraising tactics. Other effective tactics include matching campaigns and hard deadlines. These findings shold be tempered by our growing awareness that donors can be burnt out by too much asking. So it’s… Read more

Meet the OPO

OPO stands for “online political operative” as described in this MUST READ WaPo article.

Listening 2.0

Listening is a major Sea Change bugaboo. What I mean by that is we believe that non-profits rarely if ever attempt to listen to their donors — or list members — and when they do, it usually takes the form of a slap-dash surveymonkey survey. And that comes at a price. Corporate America is way… Read more

Alia: blog roll, please

When I talk to organizations about blogging, the top primary concerns are creating blog-worthy content and the staff resources needed to create blog-worthy content. I know – creating blog-worthy content can be a bear (can you say blog-worthy content ten times fast? Make a video, send it to me – that’s blog-worthy). But in the… Read more