The lunatics have taken over the asylum…

And it’s them, not you, in charge of your marketing. Yeah – social media and its socialites are not new news, but we are definitely just starting to scratch the surface of the power of the “citizen marketer.” Enter in a new book from Ben McConnel and Jackie Huba. Citizen Marketers. Want to make the… Read more

philanthropy as theater

This guy called Kile Ozier is half showman, half fundraiser. Check out his website — he is most assuredly on to something. Thanks to Jono Smith posting on Katya’s blog for turning me on this guy.

the tyranny of big lists

You’re in a crowded movie theater. Your significant other and friends are sitting near the back of the theater. You’re standing by the front. The urge overtakes you to share some thoughts with your spouse and pals. Rather than go over to them, though, you holler across the packed theater. Rather than have an intimate… Read more

how much email is too much?

This is maybe the most asked and most poorly answered question in our business. A couple of years ago the question was coming from anxious communications directors worried that more then one or two emails each month would annoy list members. Today, the anxiety is coming from the other end of the spectrum, as aggressive… Read more

story power

Coalition for Darfur republishes a powerful Kristof piece showing the power of storytelling and the importance of “individualizing” appeals. God we all do this wrong, don’t we?

two amazing projects

Here are two extraordinary online engagement projects worth perusing: From WWF-USA a tiger mosaic where your picture becomes part of the “big picture.” From Amnesty-USA an arresting and moving Darfur micro-site.