Going to the dogs

One day, I was walking in my neighborhood in San Francisco and I saw some dog excrement. Unfortunately, that’s not unusual. What got my attention was that atop this dog excrement was a little picture of President Bush mounted on a toothpick. I had stumbled upon someone’s brilliant art project. Over the course of the… Read more

listen up — social media and public radio

There is a really high likelihood your donors and activists are NPR-types. That’s why this well-written and skimmable set of case studies of public radio experiments with social media should be of interest to you. The bottom line — it takes time and effort, it’s impossible to measure results, but the consensus is that these… Read more

cause-related marketing: a cautionary tale

It’s fashionable to be charitable as we all know. That’s opening new vistas for lots of orgs being pursued by companies eager to jump on the do-gooder bandwagon. Just remember, whoever your corporate suitor is, your karmic aroma and theirs will mingle in your audiences’ eyes. Take a note from the corporate sector: Apples ill-advised… Read more

why did i stand in line?

I don’t like crowds and I am too impatient to be a good queue-er, so why did i stand in line this morning in order to get an armband that gives me the privilege of standing in line AGAIN tonight at midnight to buy the new Harry Potter book? The answer i think is also… Read more

6 degrees, 700 grand, 1 cool project

This week marks the re-launch of Network for Good’s “Six Degrees of Separation” peer to peer fundraising campaign, which has already raised $700,000 for a multitude of charities. Version 1.0 was cool. Version 2.0 is better — easier to set up badges, the badge works on WordPress blogs (witness below), and it’s just a little… Read more

integrated fundraising — a snapshot of the present moment

Care2’s Karen Taggart turned a staged food fight between online and direct mail acquisition into a really valuable summary of the state of the art of integrated fundraising. I think Karen’s article nails it, and also serves as solid evidence for the fact that this is a vexatious moment for fundraisers. Direct Mail is, in… Read more