Introducing the first ever Sea Change Friday Fun Predict the Future Contest. Please answer the following question and submit your response by Sunday: According to the secret “Caught Red-Handed” playbook distributed to all elected officials, Larry Craig’s next move will be to enter rehab for some sort of ailment that will explain away his airport… Read more

the simplicity of beauty

There were probably a million ways to overthink or muck up this simple and delightful slide show from Nature Conservancy, but by keeping it simple, they made it great. My mantra for the Fall: Simplicity Always Wins.

Face(book) the Facts

VIP (very important post) over on the personal democracy blog about the state of using Facebook and its ilk in advocacy and fundraising. That Web 2.0 is not a magic bullet seems too obvious to say, and yet…

you are so welcome

Nice useful set of pointers and best prax on welcoming strategy on the Email Insider site. This is fertile territory for testing — anyone care to share experiences????

Does your website suck?

Chances are it does. And the richer your non-profit, the higher likelihood you’ve screwed it up. Not because you are dumb. It’s mostly because of politics, the old horse designed be a committee effect. Vincent Flanders’ “WebPagesThatSuck” has been the gold standard of snarky wisdom on web design. This recent grand roundup of common and… Read more

Octavio gets it – just tell me a story!

Let’s face it – online marketers send a lot of email. But when was the last time you personally opened up your email inbox and were truly excited to read one of the messages waiting for you? It happened to me 6 times last month. A series of email messages from Octavio, a friend of… Read more

the delicate balance of art and science

Two articles this week provide alternative glimpses into the delicate balance we are all seeking to achieve: to do incredibly creative idea-driven work that grabs people’s hearts and moves them to action but in a context set by the strategic and often left-brained world of target audiences, measurable goals, metrics, etc.. Too much creativity and… Read more