hurry before rupert takes it down

Outstanding online discussion on Web 2.0 over on the free part of WSJ this week. Heres a taste: Is Web 2.0 a dream or a nightmare? Is it a remix of Disney’s “Cinderella” or of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”? Have we — as empowered conversationalists in the global citizen media community — woken up with the golden… Read more

facebook and fundraising

I have to confess as addicted as i have become to Facebook, I’ve been skpetical so far of its fundraising potential. This little app, however, is the best thing I have seen yet. It transforms that stupid little $1 gift thing into a very flexible and well-executed honor gift engine. it’s in the same league… Read more

a whole new (kelp) forest

Suppose you came home one day and stumbled upon a huge living room in your house you never knew was there? That’s about the situation with a team of marine biologists that found a vast kelp forest, in tropical waters not far from the storied Galapagos Islands. Think the oceans are vast? And then some…

new youtube non-profit program

This is very cool and warrants your attention! Here is the official blah blah: YouTube Nonprofit Program participants will receive: • A premium channel on YouTube that serves as a nonprofit’s hub for their uploaded videos. Through the channel, people can connect with a nonprofit via messages, subscriptions, comments and more. Nonprofits will also receive… Read more

Do we have a future together?

Infatuation happens to us all. But some of the same dating tips that can turn a fling into a long-term relationship, can turn someone who signed up for your newsletter after reading about an issue you work on in today’s paper into a sustaining member of your organization. It might not happen over-night or be… Read more

let’s clear some things up

software is not strategy new technology will not compensate for weak content your donors do not care what software you use to host your website your departmental vice president is not your target audience your visitors do not want extra choices the latest CRM tools will not raise you more money your audience doesn’t want… Read more

do you like tequila? tell me about it.

That sums up the new brand marketing strategy for a major distiller who is shifting the majority of its marketing mega-dollars to word of mouth. What’s important to note is that the supremacy of WOM levels the playing field in that many of the tactics do not require — or are not even benfited by… Read more