email relationships are not built overnight

Outstanding piece by Nick Usborne on the importance of having a solid and thoughtful long-term strategy for building email relationships. It takes a long time to build (or to destroy) trust, so don’t expect things to change overnight of you have driven your open rates down the proverbial potty. Nick’s piece is a must-read.

online fundraising for the rest of us

There’s something like 600,000 non-profits in the Guidestar database, and maybe 5% of them have the resources to launch a full-blown online fundraising program. Or so it seemed before Katya Andresen came along. Katya is Marketing Director for Network for Good, and she has taken it upon herself to bring the gospel — and know-how… Read more

a blog is born

Please welcome the Monterey Bay Aquarium to the blogosphere. The blogger in chief there Ken Peterson, in addition to being a Jeopardy! champion is a master story-teller, so definitely be on of the first kids on your block to gran an RSS feed of the blof!

top ten social networks

Latest stats show MySpace still way out in front, but number two Facebook is gaining fast. And, as many of you will agree, Facebook is a far better outreach platform for causes. And for Scrabble!

What the Buddha said About Your Website

You learn a lot from Buddhism. And while — to the eternal relief of our clients — i am not one to go around spouting bits of Buddhist dogma, my whole approach to communications strategy is profoundly affected by the Buddhadharma. This week, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will receive the Congressional Medal of Freedom,… Read more

stop bamboozling your donors

Incredible evidence that one of our favorite communications devices — the “myth vs. reality” motif — backfires a high percentage of the time. Start with this Washington Post write-up. Then move onto this post that Ken Peterson just shared with us. This will DEFINITELY influence how you choose to compose copy.

5 mistakes I have made

There’s an upcoming blog carnival on the theme of “mistakes consultants have made with their clients.” Another opportunity for us to walk our transparency talk. Can you just hear my enthusiasm? We try not to make the same mistake twice, but we’re human, and we screw up. Among some of the ones I personally have… Read more

sometimes simple is not easy

We just completed a round of usability tests for a client, and i was reminded for the umpteenth time that the simpler approach works better 99.999% of the time. Put this placard in front of your computer and make it your strategy mantra: SIMPLICITY ALWAYS WINS It’s a mystery to me why we all have… Read more