It’s been a really long time since I last posted. A lot has happened. I got married. I took a trip. It’s year-end fundraising season. You get the picture. But today I’m breaking blog silence and turning my attention to URLs. Why? Because they are a lot of bad urls out there. I came across… Read more

a good card called the Good Card

I am guessing you are a good gift giver. And as any good gift giver knows, a good gift is one your recipient values, not one you think you’d like yourself. And that has gotten in the way of tribute/charity gifts — I don’t know what charity my sister or my cousin likes, and therefore… Read more

the new evangelical Christianity

Sojourners has taught us ignorant eastern liberal heathens that evangelical is not just code for right-wing nut job. And if you missed that, there was the large-scale movement among evangelicals to embrace the global warming issue. Still in doubt? Zack Exley, who is known to most of us for his role on is traveling… Read more


Keep it simple and great things can happen. Watch this and learn. Try not to get choked up. Thanks Hank!

be remarkable, and they will come

We consultants had a field day ad nauseum back in the day by turning around the old Field of Dreams aphorism to remind people that putting up a website wasn’t enough to generate site traffic – “if you build, they won’t come.” On the other hand, to borrow from my favorite Seth Godin book, being… Read more