love at first site

It took me only about three minutes to fall in love with BzzAgent from their website and their oh so honest and straightforward blog. Looking for an example of clear brand essence? This company exudes focused purpose and zany fun. And this is without regard to what they do — which has always seemed kind… Read more

“be the change you want to see in the world”

I love this quote, widely (and perhaps falsely) attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Anyway, in the spirit of that quote we ask you to join us in fashioning a DIFFERENT KIND OF TREND LIST for 2008 — instead of looking back, or making predictions, we ask you to help us make a list of the TEN… Read more

the year in hate

Southern Poverty Law Center publishes the ten most heinous moments in hate in 2007. Pure hubris on their part I’d say, given that there are nine days left for some of these loathesome characters to come up with a breakthrough action. Of course Lou Dobbs made the list, but that ain’t all… Congrats SPLC, and… Read more

metrics worth knowing

I spend so much time trashing CW on useless Internet metrics, I feel compelled to link to this very nifty article outlining the Rodney Dangerfield of numbers — metrics that deserve more respect than they get. A quick and valuable read.

AlterNet sends O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and cronies boxes of coal

Sea Change launched a fundraising campaign with AlterNet – asking readers to help us send boxes of coal to right-wing media machine mouthpieces, O’Reilly, Savage, Limbaugh, Bennet and Dobbs. Here’s AlterNet’s letter that will accompany the lumps of coal. ******************************************************* Congratulations – you made AlterNet’s 2007 list of the top 5 most egregious statements uttered… Read more

big companies suck at branding too!

Check out this year’s round-up of branding blunders by people who get paid a whole lot more money than we do. I don’t know which one was more funny — Hooters energy drinks or Precious Moments coffins. Those of you who have gotten into the vanity cellphone business — you don’t escape this column unscathed!

deja vu all over again

Seven years ago it was the charity portal. They were springing up like toadstools after a rain. Each spiffy with their VC-funded fulsomeness. Each certain that their particular variation of a charity portal was destined for great things. Not one still exists. [Except Network for Good, which looks to clear $50 million in donations processed… Read more

new giving challenge…

Press Release to follow. Good luck one and all. EMBARGOED TILL MIDNIGHT: PARADE and The Case Foundation today announced the America’s Giving Challenge to award $500,000 to charities in the U.S. and overseas. The program aims to show how anyone and everyone can have greater impact in their community and bring more support to the… Read more