geographic mystery of the day

If Philadelphians are not fundamentally more rude than the average American, why are the people who get on at Philly the ONLY people who violate the Acela quiet cars rules???? ADDENDUM: It may be that they are dumber. Apparently the yakkers, upon being busted by the Quiet Car police, say they didn’t realize it was… Read more

fundraising via social networks

OK, first — Beth Kanter is like the world’s coolest person. I am truly in awe of her. She is the most indefatigable — and authentic — fundraiser I have ever seen. I personally love Asia, so I find her tireless fundraising for various Cambodian causes to be kind of amazing. If anyone is making… Read more

a new sea change voice

Mars Lang is my business partner, and she also plays any number of indispensable roles within sea change, including serving as our in-house organizational leadership guru. Following is her very first blog post, but hopefully the first of many. Compelling reading! While catching up on my neglected professional journals I came a cross a particularly… Read more

it’s all about YOU!

Katya Andresen points to a creative new campaign designed to get the candidates on the record on the role of the non-profit sector in transforming society. It’s a cool project. The campaign, called V3, creatively reminds us that we non-profit folk represent a sizable chunk of the economy. And even though the largest proportion by… Read more

A little fundraising rant

I had a chat with a Chronicle of Philanthropy reporter yesterday that got me to thinking. The ostensible subject of our conversation was the most recent Target Analysis study that shows that new donor acquisitions are continuing to fall. It’s officially a trend now. So now what? Herewith are some thoughts, a bit disjointed but… Read more