safe is risky (Mars Lang)

Risks, taking them, not avoiding them, has been one of my measures of success, both personally and of non-profits. It is by taking risks that I grow and it is how organizations grow too. It is also how they keep their audience interested and taking notice. I know that taking risks gets talked about a… Read more

blog outreach, the latest

I am finding more and more that the MarketingProfs newsletter is “the new Sherpa.” What I mean by that is that it used to be, I would devour any new report from Marketing Sherpa. Now, I find that be the case with MarketingProfs. This new overview of managing blogger relations is a case in point.… Read more

your search engine marketing sucks

Well your search engine marketing really does suck if you are not spending at least half of your time fashioning the right landing page for the visitor who clicks on your ads. This article from the boys makes the point as well as anything we have seen. My one quibble with them: anybody who… Read more

a clever web thing

This simple tutorial by Southwest Airlines is fun and simple, and doesn;t require expensive or fancy techno-prowess. Put aside the stupidity of their not just giving in and offering seat assignments…

intensive vs. extensive

If there is one point about the new marketing that produces the greatest pushback, it’s the idea that it is as important to gather your faithful as it is to be on the front page of the New York Times. The era of the blockbuster media hit is over, and even if you get it,… Read more