seth godin on non-profits

Matt Littlejohn clued me in to this incredible interview with Seth Godin held by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. YOU MUST MAKE YOUR CEO READ THIS INTERVIEW. Too many “best parts” to cite but here are two of my faves: On the importance of building deep rather than broad relationships: You don’t need 1000 shallow relationships,… Read more

thinking inside the right box

We are big believers in creativity here at Sea Change. But not creativity for its own sake. That’s just art. Creativity needs to live within the discipline of strategy — creativity with purpose. I have always hated the “think outside the box” cliche, not because it’s a cliche, but because it inspires stupid creativity, not… Read more

your metrics suck

No really, they do. If you don’t believe me, check out this visionary post. I wish i’d written it! And also read this provocative Ad Age article. Are you a HIPPO?

Indiana Jones and SEO

That was a ploy. In my current state of travel weariness, I have no witty connection that ties Indiana Jones to SEO. It was merely a way to get you to look. If you want to stop reading now, I’ll understand – but I have included a sexy vintage picture of Harrison Ford as Han… Read more

quick wisdom from seth godin

Quick, yet provocative and useful. What a great checklist. Reprinted with permission. What Every Good Marketer Knows: Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk. Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand. Your best customers are worth far more than your average customers. Share of wallet… Read more

is your site traffic silly?

Most of it probably is. In a short and useful blog post, Seth G. defines silly traffic as visits from people who are coming to your site without “focused intent,”  that is, folks who are not coming to accomplish a specfic task.  he argues that converting these looky-loos is a pipe dream, and while site… Read more

a remarkable community site

If you have not visited the My Starbucks Idea yet, you are missing out on one of the most effective feedback communities out there. Here are some of the things that make it worthy of study and emulation: It’s simple. Navigation is super-easy and straightforward. It’s authentic. There is no spin, and no attemption to… Read more

How to handle declining open rates — really

Stop looking at them.  Important wisdom follows:  The email open rate is simply a tired, inaccurate and irrelevant metric that no longer measures what it was originally intended to. As a result, it gives you the wrong picture of your subscribers’ interest in and involvement with your mailings.

how much do you really care?

My favorite quote of the week: Today, the ultimate competitive advantage is passion. When passion lets loose, you drive focus, cultivate mastery, leverage spontaneity, foster creativity, build intuition and live toward mission. The dots connect. Clarity emerges. Your own bar of excellence sets higher, and you become infatuated with exceeding it.