preview pain

Dealing with the reality of image blockers and preview panes is maybe the most important technical adjustment we all need to make as emailers. Here is a wonderful round-up of best bractices.

quote of the week

On the bottom of an email forwarded to me by my father in law: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. Opinions are the author’s and not necessarily shared by the University of Maryland, but they should be.

library or bookmobile

Pre Web 2.0, our goal and our obsession was to “drive traffic” to our website, to go out in the world and herd all those human cattle back to our own private Ponderosas. In the dot-orgasphere that typically means messing with search and PR. But the core mentality was old-school advertising. Interrupt, intercept and induce… Read more

iphone 3g

Sooner or later, Apple may decide that the goodwill of their freakishly loyal customers is worth something, but so far there are few signs of that. I have a first gen iphone, and i wouldn’t give it up for the world, but the extent to which Apple hasn’t even done the easy stuff to keep… Read more