3 critical pointers on storytelling

Everyone talks about storytelling and almost no one does it especially well. Understandably, because good storytelling is hard. Here are three pointers that will catapult you to the head of the pack: This is NOT a story: (1) Something bad happened. (2) My organization swept in and fixed the problem. (3) The end. Dull, huh?… Read more

must love sharks

What we are doing to the world’s sharks is deplorable. Tens of millions killed each year to serve as a tasteless (literally and figuratively) ingredient in shark fin soup. Here’s a no-cost-to-you way to do something. Please help.

are you serving your fans?

One of my frustrations as a consultant (a loaded beginning if ever there was one) is my inability to convince organizations of the importance of investing disproprtionately in the small group of people who really care about your cause and are fired up about it. Maybe this Seth Godin piece will help. My experience is… Read more