seth on fundraising and the present moment

His title, This Is Not the Time to Ask for Money, kind of says it all. We’ve embarked on a scary fundraising arms race — fuelled by “experts” who have counseled that we get in early with our asks before everything goes south. And we are tripping over one another to ask ask ask. You… Read more

Attention Corporate Newcomers

Is this you? You are a corporate marketing hotshot or your organization is thinking about hiring a corporate hotshot for a senior marketing, fundraising, or external affairs position. I have seen the scenario many many times. Non-profit hires marketing wunderkind who is expected to transform marketing and fundraising for your group. I mean, if you… Read more

Sarah DiJulio on ROI of list building

In addition to being one of the very smartest people in our business, Sarah juggles two kids and helms M&R’s very significant online consulting operation.  Following is a post she made on the Progressive Exchange board that’s quite worth sharing (thanks Sarah for permission!): Many nonprofits share the same goals with regards to paid online… Read more