Andy Goodman Ruined My Life. Now I Want to Ruin Yours.

How many of you have taken Andy Goodman’s storytelling seminar? Pretty mind-blowing, huh?  Andy unlocks the secrets of good story-telling, decoding a formula for narrative going at least back to Aristotle’s Poetics. There are easily thousands of non-profit communicators who have passed through Andy’s program.  But here are we are mostly all agreeing that “storytelling… Read more

New Blood: Finding New Online Donors and Activists

Do you feel like your online community needs some new blood? You are not alone. Alia will show you case studies and tactics that work in an upcoming webinar – part of a a 4-part NTen webinar series hosted by Triplex Interactive. You’ll learn tactics for getting more offline donors online, tapping into donor and… Read more

No good deed…

When I look at the nonprofit sector and its millions of committed donors and activists, all I can think of is “no good deed…” Most nonprofits have a fundraising goal that was set when the world’s economy was a different universe.  The non-profit fundraising staff see the goal getting further and further away, and the… Read more