Sell Out: This Is Your Brain On Rewards

Behavioral economists have long know that people operate in two worlds. One is dominated by social norms – norms that relate to our need for community and belonging. The other is dominated by market norms – norms which relate to things like price, self interest and equal exchange. Behavioral economist extraordinaire Dan Arielly illustrates the… Read more

Celebrity Advocacy: Do Stars Influence Issues & Politics?

In a celebrity-obsessed society, how effective are A-listers at focusing public attention, support and advocacy on our causes? Kenneth Jost with CQ Press just released a fantastic whitepaper that explores the good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity advocacy. He takes an amazing historical look at celebrity involvement in charities over the decades (Comedian… Read more

Call for Submissions!

Storytelling has become an obsession in the non-profit community, and for good reason. Nothing can spark empathy, compassion and giving faster than a relatable narrative. Funny thing is, we spend 100 times more hours talking about stories than we do actually creating them. This is where you come in. My frolleague Katya Andresen and I… Read more