I sat on a panel last week with David Meerman Scott, whose smarts and enthusiasm were boundless. His latest book is called Newsjacking and it codifies a practice that we have long counseled our clients to adopt – inserting one’s organization into breaking news in a way that lets you harvest some of the attention.… Read more

What is creativity?

Creativity is: Embracing what you don’t know and asking the silly questions. Making up a job that didn’t exist before you had it — and now does. Changing your social circle to get new perspective. Pushing yourself to the edge of comfort. Yoking together two disparate ideas in a way that makes total sense. Making… Read more

10 Steps to Awesome Meetings

True or False: Meetings are often time-wasting interruptions in a work day. My guess is most people answered true. That’s a travesty because there is another way! At Sea Change we help clients communicate more creatively and effectively across multi-disciplinary advocacy, fundraising, marketing and communications teams. This involves meeting. Over the course of my career,… Read more

Walking Our Talk

We are always telling clients that a good story or good piece of writing is worth sharing over and over. That’s especially true as the public attention span telescopes down to whatever got tweeted last. So it is in that spirit I share a brief piece I wrote in 2009 for a Seth Godin compilation… Read more

Brain Rules

I like to read on the john. I am not embarrassed about that. As most parents will attest, the throne room is often the only shot at solitude one has all day. But the habit travels with me. And in a hotel room, the pickings get kind of slim. So imagine my surprise and delight… Read more

Talk is cheap, but bad language is costly.

Frank Luntz — the Republican strategist whose speciality is testing language that will help turn public opinion  — knows the power of words. He’s the expert who encouraged the Bush Administration to reframe global warming as climate change. His research showed that Americans thought climate change sounded natural and less severe. His recent column in… Read more

Wanted: Chief Storytelling Officer

Everyone in your organization needs a good story to tell: To intrigue a journalist To inspire a donor to give To motivate staff to aim higher To spark an advocacy revolution To land a corporate sponsorship deal Stories are indeed the basic building blocks for reaching our goals. But few organizations have a leadership role… Read more

Transformation vs. Discovery

I used to think that Sea Change was in the transformation business – meaning we’d work with amazing non profits to transform the way they communicate with their donor and prospect audiences. Now I realize we’re actually in the discovery business. We help non profits uncover their own brilliance by translating our expertise in research, fundraising… Read more