Who’s in Your Lifeboat????

Anyone who knows my business partner Alia knows I am not exaggerating when I say she does the work of three people. Three top notch people. I have often said that Alia is blessed with an unfair assemblage of talents, that range from creativity and artistry to bulletproof planning and management. Not to mention leadership.… Read more

Nonprofit Leadership Fail — A True Story

I always laugh when I meet new arrivals in nonprofitland from the corporate sector. They all think it’s gonna be easy after the pressures of the private sector. The truth is work in nonprofits is much harder – outcomes matter more, resources are always scarce and no two people can even agree on what the… Read more

Tips for Getting Unstuck: Part One

One of my favorite Cure songs is called “Doing the Unstuck.” While the Cure is not typically known for upbeat lyrics, this song is just that — and inspires me whenever I feel like I’m in a professional or personal rut: “It’s a perfect day for doing the unstuck For dancing like you can’t hear… Read more

A Race You Can Never Win

Instagram? Pinterest? Dude, those are so 17 seconds ago. A story today on three up and coming new social networks highlights the dangerous trap of social marketing. The more you chase shiny new channels like a dog chasing a car, the faster you are going to lose strategic focus. The dog never catches the car… Read more

Stay in Your Discomfort Zone

Terrific item in Katya’s blog today on writing. Those of us who do words for a living know the joys and the angst of the craft. Katya reminds us if you’re staying in your comfort zone, you’re probably not doing your best work.

Cut the Crap!

We all spend our workdays in a hailstorm of bullshit. There’s marketing bullshit – a world in which we don’t say “tell a good story,” we say “do content marketing.” There’s philanthropy bullshit – fueled by foundations’ unquenchable appetite for intellectual novelty, this is a rich and ever-growing vein of language torture. If you have… Read more

10 People I’m Really Thankful For

Today is Generosity Day, an effort to take back Valentine’s Day and make it truly about love, connection and generosity without expectation or reciprocity. To mark Generosity Day, I’d like to say thanks to 10 people I’m really really thankful for (ok it’s more like 17 if you dig into it). This is not a… Read more

4 Steps To Know Your Audience

A Secret I’m going to tell you a secret about myself. I can be overly self-involved. I work at it, but I still find myself living and breathing in an Alia-centric world most days. (The irony is not lost that I’m leading this post about audience with a story about my own self-involvement). But there’s… Read more

Ten ways to improve your content overnight

A friend responded to my post of the other day (Your Content Sucks) with the reasonable question, what’s to going to take to unsuck? Here’s a starter list: Tell me a story. Make me laugh. Make me mad. Make me cry. Evoke a sense of wonder. Show me a picture i can’t get out of… Read more