parlez-vous wonk?

There is no such thing as too many reminders that your donors do not speak the same language as your program staff. As this post from Content Marketing Institute reminds, jargon is a universal disease. It makes insiders feel smart and “in the know.” Problem is, it is just irritating gobbledygook to everyday folk. Here’s… Read more

Good news Wednesday

What’s better than home baked lasagna? Home baked lasagna and a ton of good news. I recently enjoyed sharing a dinner with other non profit professionals and general rabble rousers. Over a table of delicious home-baked lasagna, a close friend spurred the party to go around the table and have each of us report on… Read more

thinking is hard

Thinking is hard, which may be why we spend so much time trying to avoid it. Instead of thinking about what our audiences really want, what would really move them, we go in search of mindless rules, simple boxes to check: How many tweets per day should i send How long should a Facebook post… Read more

Breaking the Crisis Cycle

Back pain sucks. For the past year and a half, I’ve been experiencing on and off back pain that can be quite debilitating. I’m not sharing that to elicit sympathy (although I’ll always accept chocolates and “Feel Better” balloons). My primary intent is to serve as cautionary tale. You see — when the back pain… Read more

The Stat You Can’t Ignore Anymore

In Sea Change’s Wired Wealthy report  we found that way back in 2008, donors who gave between $1,000 and $10,000 made up only 1% of organizational donor files, but generated 30% of revenue (online and offline). Today, we were reminded of that stat when we learned that 47% of a client’s revenue is being generated by… Read more

email is dead…not

I am going back to snarky form today to take on what is to me one of the more idiotic proclamations from the tower of social media babble (typo intended). This latest report on engaging moms (one of the most prized demographics of all) finds that email is their primary communications channel. Evidence of email’s… Read more

five years from now…

POP QUIZ Which skill will be still be relevant and important to master five years from now: a)    Optimizing Pinterest for search engine optimization b)    Telling a great story c)     Getting more likes on your Facebook page d)    Coming up with a great new premium for new donors Not a trick question. Channels and tactics… Read more