You can’t make people care about shit they don’t care about

No amount of facts, stats, reason or logic can make someone care about something they don’t care about. No amount of media coverage can make someone whip out their wallet to help your organization do something they don’t care about. No amount of message development or celebrity endorsement can make someone care about something they… Read more

Good Marketing is Good Marketing As Alia so beautifully put it recently, one of the most powerful emotions a marketer can evoke is wonder. In our own lives, each of us finds a source of wonder that energizes and enriches our lives. For me that happens to be diving tropical coral reefs and swimming (literally)… Read more

My own medicine: Research to kickstart a friendship revolution

I just got a taste of my own medicine. At Sea Change, we often tell clients, “that’s a good research question.” Or “what would your donors say?” Then we help them find out the answers so they can better communicate with their target audiences. Sometimes we corroborate something that was a hunch. Sometimes we’re completely surprised… Read more

Why name changes suck and branding is hard

It all boils down to three simple words. But first a story. In the late 1980s a furor erupted among the international leaders of World Wildlife Fund. The name issue. The work of wildlife conservation has always been about much more than animals. In the late 1980s, that prompted internal sturm and drang over the… Read more

Are you afraid of the F-bomb?

If you are, do not click on this link. Erika Napoletano is one of a tiny handful of must-read bloggers in my life. Her choice of language is, um, salty. But she is also insightful, brilliant and funny. And full disclosure, I find her profanity to be highly entertaining. This short Erika video takes on… Read more

A Cool New Resource for Online Fundraisers

Blackbaud’s Steve MacLaughlin has always been among the more thoughtful voices in the online fundraising space. Now you can hear his voice for real on his new podcast series. This first episode features a fabulous interview with Sarah DeJulio from M&R and others. It’s quite engaging!

Love me or hate me

Love me or hate me. But for god’s sake, don’t just like me. That’s the theme of this smart post on why it’s better for your career to be loathed than liked. You can draw a straight line from the personal branding recommendations outlined in the post to our work marketing non profits and causes.… Read more

Parlez-vous Boomer?

Two different articles collided in my in-box to make a great big impression about being audience-savvy. This Gizmodo feature is about a space ad that presents a completely different message to adults and kids.  Technically it presents a different message to short people, but it probably gets the percentages right. It’s quite moving as well.… Read more