MCON13: Engaging Millennials for Social Causes

I’m excited to be speaking at the The Millennial Impact Project’s upcoming conference, MCON13. MCON is an annual conference, gathering nonprofit professionals and corporate leaders to discuss how to engage and involve Millennials in social causes. As part of my session, I’ll be digging into the science of decision making and how it relates to… Read more

Are you bike-curious? An audience and marketing case study

Most bike marketing I’ve encountered focuses on the die-hards. You know the types — the bike messenger tough guys, the mountain bike maniacs, and the neon-covered weekend road warriors. But I finally found some bike content that speaks to me, the bike curious, and I’m so hooked. Momentum Magazine is a fantastic example of content… Read more

Stop talking about storytelling and practice the craft already

Storytelling is hard. It takes practice, failure and repetition. The good news is that it’s a teachable craft. The fantastic Steve MacLaughlin dished on the fundamentals of practicing storytelling with Mark and me on his podcast npVOICES. Find out why Steve gets fatigued with the topic of storytelling, why reason is the enemy of story,… Read more