Michael MacLeod

This week we mourn the passing of perhaps the most genteel, kind and decent person ever to enter the mad fracas that is fundraising. Mike MacLeod founded and ran Public Interest Data, for years the data warehouse of choice for progressive non-profit direct mail fundraisers. Amidst a million reasons to be cynical, he never was.… Read more

One thing you should do to increase donations: Be laser focused

Is your donor communications plan “everything but the kitchen sink” or laser-focused? Many organizations we work for want to tell their donors about EVERYTHING they do — that’s the everything but the kitchen sink approach. For a donor this is overwhelming and can feel unfocused and unclear. Organizations who don’t have distinct brand clarity tend… Read more

Your Guide to Asking Better Questions – And It’s Free

Are you ready to stop being an order taker and to start co-creating? When it comes to design, strategy and other creative services, it’s easy to do what your client, boss or co-workers request. It’s much harder to ask the kinds of questions that help your client, boss or co-workers see a different world of… Read more

One thing you should do today to increase donations

December fundraising season is less than a month away. Stop reading this blog post and go thank your donors. Yes – before your competitor’s Thanksgiving “we never thank you during the year but are going to thank you now” video launches. Yes – before you check your email and see the next urgent task you… Read more