Tribal Tensions in Dot-orgTopia

If Margaret Mead were alive today she’d have a blast and half studying tribal behavior within any large non-profit. Who needs to go to Tuvalu when you have warring cultures to study in your own backyard? The fundraising world has not one but two distinct – and often mutually antagonistic — tribes: Direct marketers and… Read more

Middle Donors Fight for Equality: HRC Success Story

Wow – that word escaped our mouths frequently when we spoke with Kevin Layton at the Human Rights Campaign. Layton, and the four-person team he leads are the brains and brawn behind a sophisticated middle donor fundraising program that invests heavily in a mix of volunteer people power, events and direct marketing outreach. HRC’s middle… Read more

The Missing Middle: What Executives Need To Know

“Get me those millions of small donations Barack Obama was able to raise online.” If I had a nickel for every time an executive director told me this, I could stop consulting and become a yoga teacher in Tahiti. The legend of legions of small dollar donors lining up to fill non profit coffers is… Read more

Lost in the Middle

A surprising discovery almost six years ago prompted an inquiry by Alia and me that culminates – for now – with a whitepaper we will be releasing this Sunday at the AFP Conference. In the process of studying the online habits of donors in the $1,000 to $10,000 range, we discovered that among more than… Read more