Sorry, Spock – Life is Not an Algorithm

A possible watershed in the latest attack of the “why can’t we all think like software engineers” movement quietly took place last month when the Hewlett Foundation threw in the towel on a multi-million dollar eight-year investment in the so-called “effective philanthropy” movement. This philanthropic sideshow has gone by many names – venture philanthropy, effective… Read more

There’s no such thing as compassion fatigue

This just in from the world of brain science – we have an almost infinite capacity for compassion. In fact, it makes us feel good. So if that’s true, why is the notion of “compassion fatigue” such a preoccupation among fundraisers? According to neuroscientists, social psychologists (and incidentally Buddhist meditation masters), the key is to… Read more

Better than Chocolate

Your attention is the most precious thing you can give to your mid-level donors. We get asked a lot what kinds of things to offer middle givers to bond them to your organization. Special events? Gifts? Knickknacks? Food? Well yes, maybe, but what really matters for most donors is that they feel acknowledged. PPFA’s Lori… Read more

Follow the Money: Why We’re Bullish on Crowdfunding but not Facebook

Back in the olden days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and online fundraising was new, we noticed an interesting trend. Adoption of online giving grew in near lockstep with the growth of ecommerce, online banking and bill paying. As buying books, paying bills and checking our bank balance became routine, charitable giving followed in their… Read more