What’s In YOUR Wallet?

When my Capital One Visa card went missing a week or so ago, our worst fears were confirmed when we got a call from Capital One warning of potential fraudulent transactions. But that’s only where the adventure begins. Every day new bogus charges were added to the card. Every day we called Capital One. Every… Read more

The Participation Non Profit

Making donors feel like active decision makers can help your bottom line. That’s the outcome of a recent study that explored how donors behave when given a choice to guide the direction of their donation. Catherine C. Eckel and Jonathan Meer of Texas A&M University conducted an experiment involving fundraising efforts at a University.  Prospects were divided… Read more

Follow up can be your differentiator

Urgent. Take action now. Your help needed. Breaking news! Digital communications and fundraising is all about being in the moment. Responding to quickly evolving situations is what we do. But once those quickly evolving situations fade from the headlines, we often abandon them. We neglect to follow up on the story. We leave the narrative… Read more

Death and Consulting

No really, working for nonprofits only sometimes feels like death. What I’m talking about here though is A Band called Death, a documentary film about music, family, and the price we pay when we refuse to compromise our personal vision. CopyBlogger recently did an amazing post about the true story of the band, the film,… Read more