Stay Calm and DO SOMETHING!

Nothing is more lethal than loss of hope. It’s an insidious toxin and it’s slowly infiltrating efforts to combat the worst of climate change. To those people who say there is nothing we can do, Audubon Prez David Yarnold says “horsepucky!” Actually what he says is far more inspiring than that. Read for yourself.

Ignore them at your own peril

Mid-level donors give a lot of money. In one study of donors to more than a dozen causes, we found that people who give between $1,000 and $10,000 represent only 1% of individual donors, but make up for 34% of total individual revenue. This group of donors is also dramatically plugged into your work and… Read more

Show Them the Love…or Else

What’s the difference between a donor and an ATM? You can ignore an ATM and it’ll still spit out money. Clients tell us all the time they’d do more cultivation, but “they just can’t afford it.” Tell that to Margaret Cohen at PSI, who hand writes a thank you letter to every online donor. No… Read more

15 Concrete Ideas for Stewarding Middle Donors Without Breaking the Bank

“I gave $500 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” That’s a quote I heard from a mid-level donor during a focus group. And sadly, it’s something many mid-level donors could say about their experience with the non profits they support. Neglecting or mistreating mid-level donors is a huge missed opportunity. That’s why Mark… Read more

Fundraising to Boomers — Once More With Feeling

Chances are really good that a preponderance of your donors are Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964. Boomers have reached the life stage where charity is a higher priority, and their giving patterns reflect that. When we did the Generations study with Edge Research and Blackbaud we found that 43% of all dollars donated… Read more

Stupid or Evil?

This has nothing to do with fundraising, so reader beware. One of the great philosophical questions that causes me wonderment is how the supposedly smart conservatives (and yes they do exist) deal with climate change. You have to be an idiot – or a politician – not to believe that the climate crisis is upon… Read more

Break habitual patterns: A Buddhist lesson for fundraisers

I recently took the Buddhist refuge vow. That’s right. I am officially a Buddhist. My Cuban Catholic mother is puzzled but supportive nonetheless. Anyhow, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned thus far on the path is about habitual patterns. Humans love them. And often the habitual patterns each of us follows (they are unique… Read more

What Price Authenticity?

Just like you I have personal friends. And when I get an email with the following opening, I have a visceral reaction: From: Elis (personal) Subject: RE: RE: FW: ALERT for you Hey, friend:

As you can see below, Ali and the rest of the team are nervous. As it happens, some of my personal friends… Read more