Americans change their minds, fast.

Our work trying to influence minds and actions — on everything from social justice to environmental concerns to human rights and equality — can feel like we are pushing boulders uphill. And we are. But there’s good news at the top of that hill. Once you get the boulder to a certain point, it looks… Read more

Emotional Exceptionalism

You would think that wildlife conservation folks and animal welfare types have a lot in common. But you would be wrong. Most wildlife conservation professionals are terrified of even the slightest whiff of emotion. They slap the label “science-based” on their work and claim that everything they do is driven by the almighty algorithm. They… Read more

Find your breakthrough idea and get noticed

I met Dorie Clark when I was 12 years old at arts camp. I wore oversized plaid pants and was writing poems called Dissipated Spirt and the like. You get the full awkward picture? Well, I knew back then that Dorie was something special and would do big, bright things. She has a new book… Read more


A typical Hollywood movie is 100 minutes long. In general, things don’ start getting better for our protagonist until the last 20 minutes – that’s the canonical third act. The other 80 minutes is jammed with trials, tribulations, setbacks, bullies, monsters, suffering and tears. 20% positive, 80% negative — Just think about that the next… Read more

What a good hug can teach you about communications and fundraising

I love a good hug. Holding someone close and giving them a big squeeze says so much. It’s intimate. It’s connected. At it’s best, a one-on-one hug is a physical representation of our shared human experience. Group hugs are good too. Locking limbs with a group of friends and family is an expression of group… Read more

Your Brain on Story

Alia and I have been doing these storytelling workshops all over the country for more than a year now. And we’re always scouring the Internet for great examples, sage advice, and other media to bolster our key point, which is this: Fundraising is based primarily on emotion and there is no better key to emotion… Read more