Who is your chief storyteller?

Who in your organization is responsible for telling your stories? Your Communications Director? Your Development Director? Your Digital Content Manager? Your Grant Writer? Storytelling is so central to donor engagement and brand building, there must clearly be someone in charge of it. This person doesn’t have to find all the stories — that’s the job… Read more

Listen to the Wizard

If you have never encountered the so-called “Wizard of Ads,” you are in a for a special treat. Roy Williams, aka the Wizard, is an autodidact genius and self-made advertising mogul. He has plowed his fortune into what has to be the world’s most unconventional business school outside of Austin, TX. It’s called the Wizard… Read more

I hate animated gifs

Yeah – they are good for a laugh, but when it comes to social causes, animated gifs aren’t my style. But I’m seeing a ton of marketers — many of whom want the attention of my demographic — using them to get my attention. Instead, those gifs are turning me off. Just because it works… Read more

An Ode to Doom and Gloom

“We want you to be edgy. Just don’t offend anyone.” If I had a nickel for every time we’ve heard that from a client… Usually the asker is unhappy with the answer, though it’s the correct answer: “because that’s what works in fundraising.” Turns out this phobic shunning of doom and gloom is bigger than our nonprofit… Read more